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Developing Communication Skills With Aura CuriAtlas Physical Theatre

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

The world is loud. With television, social media, and everyday mindless chatter, it has become virtually impossible to convey an idea without adding to the stream of words that go in one ear and out the other. The ability to communicate concisely and effectively has become such a treasured skill to have in the work world and beyond.

Aura CuriAtlas in rehearsal

Here are several reasons why having communication skills can help you in your life:

The ability to communicate is becoming a treasured job skill. In today's technology age, the ability to communicate is becoming a coveted job skill. One Washington Post article describes how employers like Google are citing their employees' communication skills as the chief factor in their success, while authors like Greg Satell claim that “We live in a communication age and it’s time we start taking it seriously.” In a world that is obsessed with technology and collecting every last piece of information, top companies are beginning to realize that they need someone to take the data from all the countless algorithms and actually turn it into concise, useful information. Now, more than ever, the ability to speak and listen has become a prized characteristic in the workforce.

Communication will help a person maintain better relationships. No surprise to anyone, but being able to talk and communicate clearly with another person can help enhance your relationship with them. The ability to effectively communicate and speak about issues is perhaps the most crucial element of any relationship, but people are becoming content with allowing all of their communication to be through a screen. Solid communication skills will allow a person to become more comfortable with talking about themselves and what they need in a friendship or a relationship, which will help that relationship grow.

Aura CuriAtlas in rehearsal

Communication skills will save time. Time is perhaps our most valuable but most fleeting resource. Unfortunately, so much of it is wasted on miscommunication and misunderstandings. Whether it is not effectively expressing yourself at the start of a new relationship or not clearly stating the expectations of a new employee at work, bad communication just wastes time. The ability to effectively and clearly state what you want as well as what you believe will ultimately save time, thus providing more time to explore and understand the world.

These ideas are excellent news to anyone interested in the Aura CuriAtlas summer training intensives in Williamsburg and Chicago. A large part of each training intensive will work towards developing a performance, using only physical movement to convey ideas. This type of unique challenge will give performers the opportunity to perfect their nonverbal communication skills, honing in on the most precise and efficient ways to convey a message. The intensive will give participants the opportunity to develop skills that will help them in their dancing, acting, and acrobatic performances, as well as in their professional and personal lives. Being able to communicate effectively through a physical form of art is challenging and difficult, but ultimately so rewarding.


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