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 DREAM LOGIC   is a curious collection of delightful short stories that find enchantment in ordinary situations explored in unexpected ways. Find out if an old janitor will discover a spark of magic in a Bucket of Youth.  Experience an obstacle course that delivers Couples Therapy. Enjoy the graceful swinging of a Newton’s Cradle. With each version of the show, we bring a different mix of characters and stories.

 A Life With No Limits  is inspired by the life and work of astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. It is created in the company’s signature style blending dance, theatre, and acrobatics with original music by Sophia Serghi. This story reflects on the determination, passion, and sense of humor of someone who has severe physical limitations, yet has an imagination that is able to roam free.

The Fool and The World brings to life the 22 Major Arcana cards of the Tarot deck in our signature style with music by Sophia Serghi. As Aura CuriAtlas embodies the symbols, audience members can contemplate their own associations with each card. We offer this performance as a way for audiences to have a conversation with their imagination.

S. L. Feemster’s ConFront(ed) is an evocative and multi-layered digital performance collaboration between Aura CuriAtlas and S. L. Feemster.  Framed by a trip-hop soundscape from Feemster and producer E.J. “dxmingo” Markland, we reimagine physical theatre storytelling with nine performers expressing their personal experiences in a digital theatre landscape.