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Aura CuriAtlas in rehearsal

Creativity Workshops


Residencies for schools, universities, and community centers can include a wide range of workshops as well as performances, audience talk-backs, open rehearsals, and meet-the-artist conversations.

Workshops are shaped by presenter interests and may include dance and theatre movement techniques, Contact Improvisation, partner acrobatics, creative collaboration, and showings of participants' work. We bring experimentation, curiosity, and playfulness to our teaching and look forward to helping each group discover their own creativity and ability to collaborate.

​​Performances: Our shows tell stories through dance, theatre, and acrobatics.  They are family-friendly and include a post-performance talk-back.  Find enchantment in ordinary situations presented in unexpected ways.

Contact to schedule your event.

Intensives and Individualized Coaching

We offer professional training for performers and creators interested in expanding their knowledge of physical theatre.  Start with your strengths and add new skills in a supportive and challenging environment!


We explore: 1)  Dance, physical acting, and acrobatic skills, 2) Ensemble-building and collaboration, 3)  How to develop the dramatic logic and compositional structure of your own creative work.

Joan Gavaler, Artistic Director of Aura CuriAtlas, offers individualized coaching for solo and group performer-creators who are in the process of developing their work.  She takes pride in being able to put her 35 years of experience in service to supporting the unique vision of other artists. Sometimes all you need is an encouraging word!

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