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What's Coming

Krayola by Aura CuriAtlas

Photo: Nikolai Roster

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Aura CuriAtlas collaborators are in a perpetual state of curiosity about how we might blend and layer performance forms. We value risk-taking, joyfulness, experimentation, oddness, and the "intangible asset" of being changed by an experience. In a world that is so interconnected, yet so isolating, we aspire to  open minds and explore relationships through creating and sharing work. 

We have a number of projects in development.  Stay tuned for preview information here:

Digital performance with artist Ada Hao:


Ampersand Festival, March 5, 2023

Digital/live performance with media creator Grace Helmick:

Within Time, Ampersand Festival, March 5, 2023

Streaming of asathoughtfallsthroughhegapsoftranslation

April 12-26, 2023

School performances of DREAM LOGIC, April 17-19, 2023

The Zombie Life: A Seminar for Humans Seeking Conversion, Williamsburg Regional Library, July 28-30, 2023

Do you want Aura CuriAtlas to teach or perform for your organization? Let us know! 

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