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Within Time performance

2024 Events:

Jan. 20: DREAM LOGIC, Citizens for the Arts, Richlands, VA

April 6: The Zombie Life: A Seminar for Humans Seeking Conversion, Washington & Lee

April 12-14: The Zombie Life: A Seminar for Humans Seeking Conversion, William & Mary

July 12 and 14: The We Inside, Capital Fringe Festival, Washington, D.C.

August 16-17: Within Time, Capital Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW), Washington, D.C.

2025 Events:

March 21-22: Ampersand Arts Festival, Williamsburg, VA

History: Aura CuriAtlas was founded in 2013 to explore a collaborative model for creating performance. Our founding members -- Joan Gavaler, Dan Plehal, Mickey Lonsdale, Jane Rabinovitz -- are artists from the East Coast and Midwest who contributed dance, theatre, and acrobatic backgrounds to develop DREAM LOGIC. We collaborated with composer Sophia Serghi to create two more shows – A Life With No Limits (inspired by the work of Stephen Hawking) and The Fool and The World (inspired by the Tarot deck). Aura CuriAtlas continues expanding its theatrical and digital storytelling, including development of The Zombie Life: A Seminar for Humans Seeking Conversion with Firehouse Theatre and digital work such as S. L. Feemster’s ConFront(ed) and asathoughtfallsthroughthegapsoftranslation. The company has toured in the U. S. and internationally as well as presenting work in digital spaces.

Mission: Aura CuriAtlas Physical Theatre is a not-for-profit performing arts company founded in Virginia and serving communities throughout the United States. We develop performances with innovative collaborators using dance, theatre, acrobatics, and videography. We share our methods through workshops and individualized coaching to help other creators expand their own artistic vision. Aura CuriAtlas collaborators are in a perpetual state of curiosity about how to blend and layer performance forms. We are highly adaptable – our artistic home is anywhere we gather to create and exchange ideas. We value risk-taking, joyfulness, experimentation, and the "intangible asset" of being changed by an experience.  In a world that is digitally interconnected, yet often physically and emotionally isolated, we aspire to open minds and explore relationships through creating and sharing work.

Do you want Aura CuriAtlas to teach or perform for your organization? Let us know! 

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