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Aura CuriAtlas and PAPRIKA present

This is the first experimental interdisciplinary work created by Joan Gavaler (Virginia, USA) and Ada Hao (London, UK) in their ongoing collaboration. This evolving work has been developed using Zoom, telematics technology, the GPT-3 AI language model, and wearable body sonification along with exchanges of creative material that unfold like a game of Telephone with text, sound, movement, and video influencing each other in multiple iterations.

11:22 minutes

Premiere: Ampersand international Arts Festival, March 5, 2023

Created in collaboration with PAPRIKA Collective

Artist Biographies:

Ada Xiaoyu Hao is an artist, researcher, educator, and curator of PAPRIKA Collective. Embracing collaboration and cross-pollination of various media and genres, including performance, moving image, text, sound, and embodied interaction with technology, her work relates to a practice-based and process-oriented methodology that frequently explores the body as an archive, the multiplicity of the self, and the fabulation of the Other. Her artistic exercises respond to the unknown and uncertainty through performative improvisations, fictioning as method, and relational encounter with people, sound, space, and place.

Joan Gavaler has been a choreographer, performer, and teacher for 35 years. She relishes collaborative discovery and has worked with poets, visual artists, composers, musicians, actors, directors, acrobats, and physicists on dance and theatre projects. She is a Professor of Dance at William & Mary and Artistic Director of Aura CuriAtlas Physical Theatre. Aura CuriAtlas was founded in 2013 to explore a collaborative model for creating compelling performances. The company develops work with innovative collaborators using dance, theatre, acrobatics, videography, sound, and text. We keep the qualities of curiosity (Curi), lightness (Aura), and strength (Atlas) at the center of our creative process.

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