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A Life With No Limits is inspired by the life and work of astrophysicist Stephen Hawking. It is created in the company’s signature style blending dance, theatre, and acrobatics with original music by Sophia Serghi. This story reflects on the determination, passion, and sense of humor of someone who has severe physical limitations, yet has an imagination that is able to roam free.

Follow our protagonist from younger days with full mobility and a lust for life, through diagnosis and loss of physical ability, to moments of desperation and hopelessness when the choice must be made to succumb to an emotional black hole or find a way to avoid its gravitational pull. Throughout his journey, the protagonist escapes into his mind where he moves freely and where other bodies become elements in an equation that he manipulates with ease.

The physics that fills A Life With No Limits:

  • Multiverse: Our Universe began as a singularity. A Multiverse of possibilities were present until the singularity began to expand, forming new particles, creating fluctuating relationships.


  • Virtual Particles: Because of the Uncertainty Principle, space can never be empty. In a quantum field, pairs of virtual particles appear, move apart, come back together, and disappear, creating endless interactions.


  • Black Hole: In our universe, a star can collapse into a Black Hole, a new singularity. The most influential gravitational fields are found near a Black Hole, shaping the orbits of nearby bodies.


  • Event Horizon: It was thought that nothing could escape the pull of a Black Hole after crossing the Event Horizon. No energy. No information. But then it was discovered that a Black Hole radiates energy known as Hawking Radiation. How is that possible?


  • Particle/Antiparticle: What happens to particle and antiparticle pairs that appear and disappear near the Event Horizon of a Black Hole? What if they separate and never come back together?


  • Hawking Radiation: Normally pairs of particles appear, separate, return to each other, and disappear. But at the Event Horizon of a Black Hole, a pair of particles can appear and separate with one falling into the Black Hole and the other escaping. The Black Hole then appears to radiate energy. Information can escape.


  • Universe: Our universe began in every possible way. We create our history when we observe our existence. We create our history.

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