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The Fool and The World is inspired by the 22 Major Arcana cards of a Tarot deck and is performed to music by Sophia Serghi.  The trio of performers takes on the characters and situations depicted in the cards, bringing them to life.  Audiences are invited to contemplate the personal meaning they might interpret from the cards.  We offer this Tarot performance as an enjoyable way for audiences to have a conversation with their imagination.

Card Associations:

0          The Fool                           A leap into the unknown

1          The Magician                   Master knowledge, focus creative energy

2          The High Priestess          Intuition, spiritual knowledge

3          The Empress                    Nurturing, creativity, abundance

4          The Emperor                    Authority, reason, leadership

5          The Hierophant               Spiritual teacher, tradition

6          The Lovers                        Choice, romance, physical health

7          The Chariot                       Balance opposing forces

8          Justice                                Fairness, accountability

9          The Hermit                        Solitude, inner searching

10        The Wheel of Fortune     Impermanence of success and failure

11        Strength                             Inner groundedness

12        The Hanged One              Suspended, waiting for what is next, a  new perspective

13        Death                                 Letting go so that new growth is possible

14        Temperance                     Cooperation, compassion, blending

15        The Devil                           Personal demons, self-limitation, obligation

16        The Tower                         Sudden change, collapse of structures that are not working

17        The Star                             A ray of hope

18        The Moon                         Illusion, self-deception, hidden aspects

19        The Sun                             Joy, fulfillment, playfulness

20        Judgement                        Reflect, evaluate the path taken thus far

21        The World                         Complete this journey, a new phase can begin

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