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DREAM LOGIC is a curious collection of magical short stories told through dance, theatre, and acrobatics. We invite the audience to accompany each character on a journey.  The stories ask: What Happens?  What happens … To the crayons that never get picked?  To the dream creature when it loses its Dreamer?  When the only bus seat left is completely broken?  When a Newton’s cradle gets tangled?  Each DREAM LOGIC show includes 6-10 stories.

3 Monkeys: Journey to uprightness

Bucket of Youth:  How will an elderly janitor clean such a large space?

Couples' Therapy: Try, try, and try again

Dust: Ritual of creation, disintegration, and re-creation

Etude: What happens when an inspired audience member joins the dance?

Hatch: What kind of creature is this newborn?

Krayola: What happens to the crayons that don’t get picked?

Loonatic: Breaking free of limitations

Newton’s Cradle: Twisting and tangling of a perpetually moving table toy

Pardon: Confusion of mismatched communication

Rapid Eye Movements: What happens when a dream loses the dreamer?

Seats: Two bus passengers jockey for space and comfort

Special Delivery: Who gets to open the package?

Stack & Re-Stack: Continuous cycle of breaking apart and re-gathering

Strings: Struggle for control

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